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Frequently Asked Questions

How bad was the January 2013 flood?

Click this link to a video two weeks after the January 2013 flood

Who are these children?

These children are from the area of Chokwe, Mozambique identified as vulnerable by our coworker, Sybil. Many are referrals from Social Services in Chokwe, and have been orphaned by one or more of their parents Sybil receives referrals because of her preschool; however, when she goes into a home, she often finds several children -- not just the preschool age one -- and attempts to meet the needs of all.

How many children are there?

Official statistics from Chokwe list 4400+ vulnerable children in the town. With the AIDS situation, the number increases daily.

What is a sponsor's commitment and role?

The commitment is for $35/month in support, along with prayer and occasional communication.

How is the support used?

Support is used for preschool costs (uniforms, supplies, etc.) as well as other needs like shoes, food, and medicine.

What is the length of support?

Our hope is to provide support as long as the child is willing to stay in school, until they graduate, or until Sybil determines there is no longer a need for support.

What is the role of local teen Bible Club volunteers?

Bible Club members chosen by Sybil will monitor attendance in school, assess clothing need and care, assure enrollment in elementary school, and mentor and tutor as needed. In Sybil's words: "We will be training the youth to be helpers in the community."

What if I need to discontinue my sponsorship?

We hope to keep an ongoing list of interested folks to allow for needed replacements.

Can I communicate with my sponsored child?

Progress reports will be updated online twice a year. Personal communication may be sent via short-term teams.

Is this really strategic?

We have seen the need and know what God expects according to James 1:27. Having a person on the ground who is willing to meet both physical and spiritual needs -- and has an established ministry through the Bible Clubs -- gives us the ability to have an impact for the Gospel in Chokwe. Also, as older youth are discipled, they can help by serving others.

How might this differ from sponsoring through one of the large child sponsorship agencies?

Because of our church partnership in this region, we think there is greater opportunity for mutual accountability, growth, and a wide range of related health, agricultural, business, and spiritual ministries.